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Empowering Lives: The Badlav Story Part 4 (in English)

As Sharad’s movement grew, he realised that having access to additional resources and external support would help propel this initiative. The unfortunate demise of one beggar working with Badlav saddened him greatly, and led to the birth of ‘Badlav’, meaning change. To gather support by partnering with organisations, Sharad registered Badlav as an NGO. He believes that Badlav is not just an organisation but more importantly, a ‘voice’ to bring about a positive change into the beggars’ lives, one by one. He wants it to be seen as a medium to ensure a future where no one has to beg for money. Registering the organisation allowed him to raise more capital and onboard better partners. They started gathering this support through engagements with social organisations like Goonj and Milaap.

In 2018, Sharad signed up with UnLtd India, a social incubator. There, he was advised to develop his business model. However, he was surprised to hear this, as he did not know he was doing business. With the support provided by UnLtd India, he understood he was running a social business, and steadily gained greater clarity on his model.

He was introduced to Givfunds by UnLtd India. Before Givfunds, he relied on donations to establish micro-businesses for the rehabilitated beggars, which resulted in delays. However, the money borrowed from Givfunds enabled him to do the same, but with higher efficiency, as he spent less time arranging for funds, and more time rehabilitating beggars. He says that the speedy disbursement of capital displayed by Givfunds ensured higher efficiency while maintaining utmost trust. Moving forward, Sharad is looking to expand his initiative to the neighbouring cities of Lucknow. He believes that the promptness and steady faith of Givfunds will be essential to making this goal a success.

The biggest challenge that Sharad faces today is one of organisational development. When asked about his plans for the future, Sharad is keen on making Badlav a role model for people to replicate in other states. He is currently exploring partnerships in Kanpur and Raipur, as well as coordinating with administrative authorities there.


Badlav has brought about a sea of change in Sharad's perspective, who believes that the youth has enormous potential to lead this movement. At the same time, he believes that the youth's thoughts have been numbed by society. He adds on by saying:

"Yuva aajkal rail ka dibba ban gaya hai, ek banda jaha chal leta hai, wahi par saari bheed chal leti hai. Yuva ko nishchay lena hai ke unko rail ka engine banna hai, ya uska dibba hi banne rehna hai"

(The youth has been transformed into coaches of a train. Where one goes, the rest follows. The youth must decide, whether they want to become the train engine or a train coach)

Badlav would also love to partner with more NGOs and Corporate CSR teams, which can help them build an equal society, where everyone can earn their money respectfully and lead a dignified life.

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