remotely at 5% of the cost and time of traditional impact investors, with minimal defaults/NPAs. In turn, this positions us to fund thousands of social enterprises, plugging the pioneer gap.



What we do and why

Today, thousands of small social enterprises are trying to change the world but have a hard time getting the capital they need.

What if we could identify those who need capital the most and are able to use it to create the greatest impact?





Givfunds was started to provide affordable capital to the thousands of small impactful social enterprises who lie outside the reach of other funders - to fill the pioneer gap. Using a unique approach, we lend extremely low-cost loans to social enterprises who are able to use such capital for maximum impact.


0-4% interest p.a.




We work very closely with social enterprise accelerators, incubators and market access providers to tap into their existing pools of social enterprises and knowledge of the ground. Their data is fed into our systems where we screen for the most impactful and viable social enterprises. Today, we work with some of the largest network partners in Asia, accessing thousands of social enterprises.







Givfunds was started to provide affordable capital to the 

Our tech stack pulls data from multiple sources, including our network partners. We then screen for social enterprises that are often small, ignored, slightly profitable, and incredibly impactful. We are oftentimes their first and only funder. Today, this allows us to do


due dilligence




Our ability to reach small and inaccessible social enterprises at scale allows us to pick the “lowest hanging fruits” in terms of impact per dollar loaned. Being sector and geographically agnostic further increases our reach.


Every $1 donated to us creates $4 of additional revenue for our social enterprises every year!

Our Work

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