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Our Team

Our team consists of a diverse group of change-makers from across the country who are committed to bringing about positive change by empowering individuals and communities.

Irwan Malhotra

Co - founder, India

Irwan is a social entrepreneur with 17 years experience. He has been a fellow at Jagriti Yatra(India), Startup Leadership Program (USA), NextGen Winner(USA), Dasra(India), Acumen(India) and Salzburg global seminar(Austria).

Edward Yee

Co - founder, UK

Co-founder of Givfunds, Edward has played leadership roles in various non-profits. Edward is a Rhodes Scholar, Kairos Society Fellow, Nanyang Scholar, and a Global Youth Ambassador.

Megha Kapadia

Trustee & Marketing Head

Pritam Mehra

Finance Head

Harsh Sharma

Program Manager

Parvinder Kaur

Social Entreprise Fund Manager

Rashida Husaini

Engagement Manager

Our Advisors

Nimesh Bhai Sumati

Caring Funds | Co -founder

Suman Srivastava

Marketing Unplugged | Founder

Arun Singh 

Project Manager

Archana Singh

MIS Officer

Laxmi Parmar

MIS Officer



Edward Yee

Givfunds, UK | Co - founder

Surbhi Agarwal

Asia Pacific Mastercard | Regional Product Head

Amit Garg

Impact Lens | Partner

How we started?

Givfunds’ journey began in 2018 when our founders, Irwan Malhotra and Edward Yee, crossed paths on an Indian sleeper train as part of Jagriti Yatra. During their travels, they visited many social enterprises and witnessed firsthand the struggles changemakers faced in accessing the capital needed to expand their impact and reach more lives.

Deeply inspired by the potential and dedication of these social entrepreneurs, Irwan and Edward were determined to address this critical gap. Fueled by their experiences and a shared passion for social innovation, they founded Givfunds. Their mission was clear: to connect visionary social enterprises with low-cost capital, fostering sustainable growth and driving transformational change. They aimed to build a bridge between impactful ideas and the financial support required to bring those ideas to life.


Since its inception, Givfunds has remained steadfast in its commitment to empowering social enterprises and individuals. Through innovative funding models, strategic partnerships, and social impact projects we have been able to create a ripple effect of positive change across.

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