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Financial and Digital Literacy for Women Artisans in Madhya Pradesh

It is vital for women in the 21st century to acquire skills that can make them more adaptable to the changing market trends and economic landscape and help them gain greater control over their economic lives. Empowering women artisans with digital, financial, and entrepreneurship skills opens up new avenues for income generation and can profoundly impact their livelihoods and overall well-being. Givfunds implemented a 10-month project along with Umang Shridhar Designs Pvt. Ltd. to help increase the opportunities of women artisans by leveraging digital technology.

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The end objectives of the project are to:
● Train 176 women on digital, financial, and entrepreneurship skills
● Handhold the beneficiaries on digital adoption for improvement in their business models
● Bring women artisans from the informal to the formal sector of work
● Increase their online market access opportunities by leveraging digital technologies

A total of 250 women are being mobilized as a part of the project and it is currently being implemented in two locations- Tarapur, District Neemuch, and Maheshwar, District Khargone in Madhya Pradesh. The curriculum has been developed for all three domains under the guidance of subject matter experts and the women artisans are being divided into groups of 25 for the upskilling training. These training programs impressed many women artisans and made them enroll in our program to learn more about social media, digital marketing, digital payment applications, and how to scale their businesses.

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Many of these women felt demotivated and socially weak before enrolling in our program but after undergoing training for several months, they have gained knowledge to use tools like Pinterest to improve their design skills and now also feel confident to scale up their business using social media and other digital tools.

A testimonial from one of our beneficiaries mentioned:

“I am able to use social media applications like Instagram to post about my products and get orders for my business. I have also learned to use applications like Google Pay to make and receive online transactions. I am really happy that I have enrolled in this training program as it has helped me in many ways”

Anju Devi, Beneficiary

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Despite facing various challenges like encouraging daily wage worker women to enroll in our program and not having a network in rural areas, we have successfully mitigated all these challenges and reached out to around 200 beneficiaries to date who have been enrolled in the project out of a target of 150 beneficiaries.

women artisans registered for training



women have started whatsapp business



hours of training


women have started facebook business



women have started using Pinterest for design references

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women have started using instagram to sell online


Some of the upcoming activities that we plan to implement in the upcoming months are to successfully register the women-owned enterprises, onboard the women onto e-commerce platforms, and make available to them various financial opportunities.

We are glad about the success of the program till now which helped create an impact in the lives of many women artisans and one of the key expected outcomes that we aim to achieve by the end of the project is to have 100% women entrepreneurs enrolled in the training program empowered to use smartphones for their business.

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