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Supporting women entrepreneurs in their journey

What we do

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Social Enterprise Funding

An ecosystem level and data-driven approach to provide low-cost funding to social enterprises across India.


Projects in Collaboration

Givfunds implements projects in different parts of India related to SDG trainings, entrepreneurship, financial and digital literacy with its partner organizations and SEs.


Women Entrepreneurs

Givfunds works to empower women entrepreneurs by providing them access to financial, entrepreneurship & digital trainings and credit to start their own nano/micro enterprises.

Success Stories

Success is in making impact. Success is in intervening, driving, and measuring. Through our interventions, we have got the opportunity to touch upon lives of young people, rural women entrepreneurs, and several grassroot organizations that are changing lives.


Social Enterprises Supported


Lives Impacted


Women Entrepreneurs Funded



The sessions that you are taking with girl students at Nistarini are an eye-opener for them. These students are far from the real-world and do not get a chance to get exposed to such knowledge. Thank you Givfunds and UNDP for taking this initiative. I request you all to come to our college and do in-person sessions with the girls. They will be more benefitted by this

Prof. Priyabrata Mukherjee, Nistarini College, Purulia


These kind of programs are a must for the youth. I am happy that you chose RSBV School to take multiple sessions. The students have liked the sessions and gives them a different perspective to learning apart from their regular curriculum. We request you to come again and address the students every year so all can benefit from this.

Mr. Ajay Singh, Director of Education, Principal, RSBV School, East Vinod Nagar, Delhi


We have attended many sessions on Entrepreneurship, so have our students. But the material in the Movers session is so simple to understand and to-the-point. I think it really connected with our students and the fact that they kept asking us to conduct more sessions is a testament of how much they enjoyed and gained from these.

Dr. Shikha Bhargava, Principal, Oriental College, Bhopal

Our Team

Givfunds’ roots began in 2016 after our founders, Irwan Malhotra and Edward Yee, serendipitously

bumped into each other on an Indian sleeper train. Having visited hundreds of social enterprises, they

saw first-hand how changemakers were unable to access the capital needed to impact more lives.

Inspired by such work, they resolved to change things...


Co - Founder, UK


Co - Founder, Delhi (India)

Blogs and Stories

Each of our social enterprises and beneficiaries have a very unique and interesting story to share. Know more about what inspired them to create a change and the impact they are making on the community.

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