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Khadi as a Social Fabric - The KhaDigi Story Part 4

Interested in supporting KhaDigi? There are many ways you can help! For folks who’d like to try out Khadi clothes, buying their apparel is the easiest way to support the livelihoods of KhaDigi and their artisans. Their new website will be launched soon, so customers from all over the world can buy and enjoy KhaDigi clothes too.

KhaDigi also welcomes partners who love their apparel and are interested to sell them in their local communities. Alternatively, one can consider volunteering with them or sharing their story to friends and family so more people can find out about this traditional art form of hand-spun Khadi fabric.

To promote and help people understand the process of making these Khadi fabric by hand, KhaDigi also plans to work with their artisans to open up their homes in the village for visitors to see for themselves the craft making.


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