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Innovating Change: The Energinee Story Part 5

To wrap up our 5 part series, we hear directly from 21 year old Sanjay, a former inmate whose life has been changed for the better, thanks to Energinee.

Growing up, Sanjay had many colourful experiences. His enterprising streak started in his schooling days, when he used to work as daily labour in shops, unloading milk packets from the trucks. For a day’s work he would earn Rs 50, which was more than enough for his pocket money. A fast learner, he also learned how to repair appliances like geysers and fans from his neighbour, and began earning up to Rs 200 - 400 monthly in his neighbour’s repair shop. He was always on the lookout for opportunities, and lady luck knocked on his door when he met a woman marketing Ayurveda products. Convinced, he packed his bags and moved to Rajasthan to work as a salesman. At that point, Sanjay had not even graduated from school but with his keen understanding of people and influence, he soon found success in his new role. Within 8 months, he became a sales manager, leading his own team.

Just as things were going so smoothly for him as a sales manager, one day he was suddenly arrested. It was a bolt out of the blue. He could never forget that experience – traveling on the jeep from his place to the prison, with his sales manager badge on his shirt. He thought, that’s the end of life as he knew it.

Sanjay was imprisoned for 17 months, on charges of child marriage. His girlfriend’s family had called the police on him, as they felt that he had run away with their daughter.

While in prison, when he heard that the Energinee team would be coming to train them in making face masks with incense ash, he had his doubts and reservations. However, he quickly warmed up to the idea, which reignited his longtime interest in creative arts and painting. He believes the entry of Energinee is a miracle in his life.

A talented artist, Sanjay quickly became a valuable member of the Energinee team. With his work, he supported himself and his family, and got a new lease of life. A few weeks later, he was declared not-guilty in court and released from prison. The girl’s family, who heard about his good work in prison, have also come around and apologised sincerely to Sanjay and his family. They were impressed by Sanjay’s indomitable spirit, as he continued to work hard even in prison. Before long, Sanjay was featured in newspapers and his good work was praised by all. Today, the girl’s parents are fully accepting of their marriage and have given him their blessings.

Since then, Sanjay has continued working with Energinee and handles the operations. Sanjay says he will never leave Energinee, and promises to give it his all to make Energinee successful.

To Sanjay, the best part about Energinee is that the employees never feel like they are employees. Instead, everyone is treated with respect, and empowered to do things in their own way. Gushing about Akash’s leadership, he says that Akash is very generous and is like a friend to him. He never behaves like a CEO and always works together with the team. The trust that Akash and Naresh show to their team members is rare and is the glue that truly binds them.

With such strong leadership and camaraderie, it wouldn’t be long till they reach their dreams of taking Energinee to every district in India, and helping the environment with their green initiatives.

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