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Innovating Change: The Energinee Story Part 4

Behind every successful startup, is a dream team with an undying fire within them. With 22 members under 25, Energinee is brimming with youthful energy. In the fourth part of this story, we go behind the scenes to learn more about the folks at Energinee.

First up is Azam, a Third Year Electronics student. He found out about Energinee when Akash visited his college to hire interns. He was so moved by Akash’s pitch and Energinee’s cause that he decided to join them, despite also having internship offers from MNCs - a choice he will always be proud of. Juggling school work and exams with his work at Energinee, he would work 2 days at the office and 5 days from home. In spite of the multiple commitments, he really enjoys working with Energinee because “it’s a very supportive environment” and credits Akash and Naresh for bringing Energinee to where it is today. “They keep all the team members connected,” says Azam.

In his ten months with Energinee, he has gone out of his comfort zone, progressing from a designer to joining the R&D team later. It’s no doubt a steep learning curve, but he credits Energinee for giving him the freedom to constantly try new things. Compared to the engineering projects in his school, Azam finds more meaning in Energinee’s solutions. He feels he is doing actual engineering by recycling the waste, which will make a difference to society. Azam shares that, “Team work, endless efforts, empathy, social work, being part of the Khoj Khumbh’s core team and experiencing the entrepreneurship struggle are the gems I have collected from Energinee.” Today, Azam’s efforts have been recognised, with his nomination for the Ashoka award.

For another member Lakshya, joining Energinee helped her to become a part of a great social initiative. She gained a newfound appreciation for freedom while working with the prison inmates, and learnt how a group of people can make significant changes as a team.

A mechanical engineer with the R&D team, Aman says he’s always had the passion to contribute to society. Energinee is exactly the platform he needed, where like-minded people come together to serve a greater cause - and this has helped him see how the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. During his time with Energinee, he has learnt a lot - from technology like 3D printing, empathy development and to experiencing life in a startup ecosystem. “Energinee is my life changing opportunity,” says Aman.

Thumbnail photo credits: Photo by Natalie Pedigo on Unsplash


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