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Education as an Enabler: The ProBano Story Part 4

Aditya first heard of Givfunds from the Atal Incubation center – BIMTECH.

They first took a small loan as they were making healthy revenue at the time. “Even though it was a small working capital loan, it really helped us with our purchasing power - previously the lack of working capital really limited our decisions. With the capital from Givfunds, even if we ran into real debt, we still have some resilience in the bank account,” shares Aditya. The easier and faster loans from Givfunds gave ProBano much more purchasing power, which helped relieve financial constraints and allowed them to make better long-term business decisions to maximise their impact.

With Givfunds’ help, the ProBano team has already started 2 new projects on a bigger scale: a career counselling project in Jammu with 17 government schools and developing the incubation center in Haryana. Moving forward, ProBano is excited to have Givfunds on board as an impact measurement and evaluation partner, which will have win-win synergies in helping to scale up the network of incubation centers.

Looking back on his ProBano journey, Aditya shared a heartwarming story about a youth who had wanted to become a computer engineer but lacked the resources to do so. The cheapest education easily cost 1~2 lakh for 4 years which the youth could not afford, but Aditya managed to find an organization that offered free 1-year diplomas. After 5 months of assessments and admission procedures, the youth gained admission to the computer engineering course and till this day, contacts Aditya weekly to tell him that he enjoys learning computer engineering very much.

Just as Aditya is a Bhaiya (meaning “big brother” in Hindi) to the youth in the story, he advises anyone considering entrepreneurship to “dream big, work hard and stay humble”, quoting Bred Meltzer. To support ProBano’s cause, you can help bring ProBano to more young readers and build a better India by sharing about ProBano.

ProBano would also love to partner with more NGOs and Corporate CSR teams in the education sector, to bring career guidance and clarity to all, one youth at a time.


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