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Building in Public #2

Sorry for the late update on our building in public and marketing initiative, 2021 has really run away from us here at Givfunds. As mentioned in our last article, we have started on our marketing efforts from the start of the year. However, as you might notice, our social media pages are a little bare. In the same spirit of building in public, we’d like to update y’all on what happened in the last 2 months!

It took us some time to hire an intern, with over 100 applicants to shortlist from and none quite fitting the profile we were looking for. Eventually though, we found one who looked great on paper, with many years of experience in the startup field (a mature candidate) and coming from 2 of the top schools in India. This quickly proved to be a hiring mistake. Long story short, the intern wasn’t committed to the work we were doing, putting little time in, “delegating” most work to our volunteers, and having a negative attitude.

This experience has really reinforced our hypothesis over the last few years – one that we ignored at our peril this time, that great people are hard to hire and passion/willingness to learn is a much better indicator of incredible people than brand name schools or long experience!

Thankfully, we found a new intern to work with us – one who has been a volunteer with us for some time now. Things are going great and you should be hearing more from us – both on the website and on our socials. Until next time, cheerio! 😊


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