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We count on your support to bring positive change in the world, by supporting the social enterprises who are leading the change from the front. Together, we can.


Thank you for considering a donation or investing in Givfunds. Your support will help us achieve our vision of democratising sustainable capital for changemakers across South Asia.


Givfunds is a non-profit impact fund that provides catalytic concessionary debt to social enterprises (SEs) at scale. These social enterprises are the real heroes, working tirelessly on the ground to improve the lives of their communities. We believe in creating sustainable impact, by building ecosystem capacity.


We partner with a range of impact organisations in South Asia, including some of the largest like the UNDP to the smallest in local communities, to fund pools of social enterprises, allowing us to bridge the gap in capital that thousands of social enterprises face. Our data-driven approach enables us to serve our customers at low cost with minimal defaults.


Donations at Givfunds are fully deductible as a charitable contribution in India.


Please fill in the form below to indicate your interest in becoming a Donor Partner, or email us here to find out more.

Standard fund options you can help support include:

  • General Donor Fund

  • General Loan Fund

  • Sector Specific Fund


Givfunds is committed to having transparent and regular engagements with our donors, and below are some benefits you can gain by partnering with us:


​Quarterly Communications 

Exclusive communications including quarterly updates/report on our portfolio, organisation, and the sector. 

Annual Reports and AGM 

In-depth information about our updates over the past year and the impact we create. Access to our AGM.

Field Visits to our social enterprises 

Experience first-hand the impact your contribution has helped create through our exclusive field visits in different locations across South Asia.

Providing expertise 

Opportunities to provide your networks, advice, and expertise to our social enterprises.

Exclusive Donor Partner Events 

Access to exclusive Donor Partner events with our social entrepreneurs, other donors, and advisors.


Other benefits such as customised sectorial or geographic portfolios and access to our social enterprises amongst other benefits.

Download our Donor Partner Brief for more details.


Is donating at Givfunds is similar to donating directly to other charity organizations ?

Yes one way it is similar to other charity organization, so when you donate from India at Givfunds, you will be eligible for income tax rebate through section 80G of income tax act. 
However, donating at Givfunds is about creating the impact and multifold the value of money. As your donation will be loaned to social enterprises, and once repaid it will loaned to another social enterprise and so on ; so value keep getting multiplied  every time  helping to change many and many lives.

Will I know the beneficiary names where my donation have helped ? 

You would get quarterly and annual reports that give you updates on the social enterprises which have benefited from the fund which you contributed to. We would also share case studies, stories, and host sharing's on these social enterprises periodically for donors. 
Depending on the type of donor partner you are, we would also arrange field visits or intimate calls with some social enterprises where you could interact with them and find out more about the work they do. In order to respect the privacy of end-users, we keep their private details and information confidential - in many cases not storing it on our servers either.

Can I select the beneficiaries ? 

We have an established and robust process of selecting social enterprises so as to maximize the amount of impact your donation creates. As a result, our policy is that donor partners cannot pick the specific social enterprises to fund. However, we have a wide range of funds in specific sectors and geographic areas that we offer for your selection. You could pick one of these existing funds if you like. Alternatively, we also offer select donors the ability to create and name a fund with custom focus areas. Contact Givfunds representatives for details and discussion.

How these social enterprises are selected, who ensures their existence and their trustworthiness ?

Givfunds does due diligence of each social enterprise and after checking the financials and the impact of social enterprise they are being considered for funding.

How donation helped the social enterprise - will any impact summary be shared ?

Yes, we give quarterly and annual reports on the status of social enterprises and what impact your donation(s) have created.

Who all can donate ? 

Presently only Indians staying in India can donate at Givfunds.

Whether this donation can eligible for Tax benefits ? 

All donations in India, made through this platform are eligible for income tax rebate through section 80G of income tax act.

How do I become a Donor Partner?

You can either fill the form or contact us directly. .

Why I need to register first on Givfunds before donating?

As per India government rules, we need  to have KYC check, its a mandatory process of verifying the donor's identity . Also, we need contact details specially email ID  for future communication like receipts, newsletter etc.

How I can check what is my monthly giving ? 

You can either check directly or write to us. For monthly payments in-case you like us to arrange this for you, so we can debit defined amount on defined date, you can submit mandate to us . Contact us for any details.

When I will get the receipt after I make any donation ? 

Usually within 7 days. In case of immediate requirement we can always help.

When my donation will reach to social enterprise?

It totally depends on the requirements ( social enterprises and their asked funds size) and also your donation amount. As our model is based on central fund and help to the most and maximum possible. However, with help of our newsletter you will learn where the funds are being used.

What if I lose my receipt, or tax benefit certificates - can I request for a copy ?

You can write to us via email, and just in case needed we can even courier physical copy of receipt on request.

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